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Ballet technique is characterized by exceptional precision, fluidity and elegance of movement. Ballet dancers evoke in the viewer a feeling of unprecedented lightness of movement that cannot be found in any other dance technique.

The aim of this course is not to educate professional dancers, but to allow ordinary people to benefit from the beneficial effects of ballet technique. Ballet lessons for beginners focus on teaching ballet elements on the pole as well as on space. Here you will learn individual ballet positions and basic concepts such as plié, relevé, rond de jambe etc.

Classical Ballet (Classical Ballet)

• Contributes to correct body posture, coordination of movements and perception of space

• It has an incredibly beneficial effect on strengthening the body, especially muscle groups that are not involved so much during normal exercise

• Helps to improve movement coordination and balance

• The learned basics of ballet can be used in any dance technique

The lesson is open and is intended for interested parties of all age categories who have no practical experience with classical dance.

If you feel and want to exercise and stretch your body in the spirit of classical ballet, do not hesitate to visit our studio

Lecturer: Dominika Černá /Prague State Dance Conservatory/