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Zuzana H.

ChatGPT A healthy lifestyle accompanies me throughout both my personal and professional life. Since the age of 18, I have been leading group lessons of all kinds, starting from dynamic and dance classes to strength training, gradually transitioning to functional movement and Pilates. I have been actively engaged not only in group lessons but also in individual client work and nutrition. For many years, I worked as a sports center manager in Ústí nad Labem, which allowed me to stay in constant contact with the latest fitness trends. I enjoy taking something from each type of exercise and thus advancing my lessons one step further. Movement should not be an obligation for any of us but rather a joy and an integral part of life. A beautiful, strong, and slim body then becomes just the “icing on the cake” on our journey. I am an advocate of diverse movement with precise execution, and that is why I headed to Studio Barre Prague in Prague. I value the opportunity to be part of a great team of instructors and look forward to seeing you in one of the BARRE classes at the studio..