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is about inspiring, motivating and encouraging women to feel confident and love their bodies. Classes are designed with the female physique in mind and focus on technique to give you the best results possible. Choose from the classes offered




Total Barre combines pilates, ballet and cardio. Thanks to the principles of pilates you will strengthen the deep stabilization system, ballet elements will stretch your body and cardio will ensure fat burning. This technique protects your joints, avoids all jumps and other impacts. This prevents excessive overloading of the joints and their premature ageing. Each section is followed by stretching to create a long lean figure.

In most standing exercises, you also hold on to a ballet barre, which provides support and therefore does not overstretch the muscles. The bar also acts as an aid and support for more strenuous exercises. The instructor guides everyone according to his/her health condition and physical abilities. It is not necessary to have experience with any of the mentioned exercise styles. Total Barre is for everyone regardless of gender and age.



studio barre - Dominika Černá


I’ve been dancing since I was a kid. I graduated from the dance conservatory in Prague. In my hometown in Plzeň, I taught classical ballet, expressive dance in the style of Contemporary dance and yoga. I have been actively involved in yoga since 2014. I have also attended professional courses: Accredited Yoga Teacher Training II. and a course on the Importance and Activation of CORE – the deep stabilization system, which is an essential part of the proper functioning of the body. I live in Prague and I spend almost every day in our Studio Barre Prague. Either in group lessons or individual lessons, which you can also book with me.


Movement is therapy for me, I think of it as an important meeting or rather a “date” with myself, where regularity and discipline are needed. By moving, you move not only your physical body, but also your thoughts and emotions. It is important to remember that our physical and mental “shell” is our “home” , and is the most important thing we have. We must take care of our bodies and our “home” with love. In my classes you will feel that gaining confidence often hurts a lot and requires a lot of discipline and patience.

studio barre Eva Kadlecová
studio barre Zuzana Mikysková


Years ago I read an article about TOTAL BARRE. An exercise I didn’t know, loved by Victoria’s Secret models and makes long beautiful lean muscles. I was intrigued. I immediately tried it on my own, not knowing at the time that Total Barre would become my addiction and daily work. Today I’m fulfilling my dream. I have my own studio in Prague 6, where regular clients return every day and new ones come in. And what is our mission? We will INSPIRE you, MOTIVATE you, empower your feminine SELF CONSCIOUSNESS and help you work out your butt that will have 39,857 likes before breakfast!


Patočkova 2386/83

Praha 6 – Břevnov

Zuzana Mikysková – studio manager


tel:+420 601 094 491

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